Oct 24, 2011

Kendra Springer

Kendra Springer: About

"As an artist, my goal in making music is to create an ambiance of soothing relaxation through the healing power of music, to lift your spirits." ~Kendra

After releasing her first album "Hope" in December 2009, Kendra's music has received many rave reviews from around the world:

"Truly beautiful, romantic, emotional, inspiring piano music for quiet moments and special moods. Love your talents!" ~ Ocvirek, Croatia

Her music can be heard on the radio including Whisperings Radio, the #1 Solo Piano Broadcast on the internet.

She is the #1 most listened to artist on Jamendo, music platform and Creative Commons community, a site that features over 35,000 other albums.

Kendra's musical background has been influenced by many very diverse sounds; from the classic masters like Tchaikovsky and Beethoven, to Big Band sounds like Glenn Miller, and easy listening artists like Kenny G, pianists like Jim Brickman and Yanni, and composer/arrangers David Foster and Walter Afanasieff.

"Gorgeous, beautiful piano. Gentle and soulfully imparted from the heart. Kendra Springer has fluent fingers on those liquid keys. Such simple but delightful piano tunes... daydreaming and contemplating the wonders of life. What excellent, and inspiring music."

Oct 23, 2011

Fiona Joy Hawkins - O Come, O Come Emmanuel

I love.... chiristmas songs....
I met jesus at first time...,maybe its last of summer days.
but at first , i dont know its jesus....
I know its jesus...., its christmas day of long long time ago.
so I like christmas day....
Fiona's O come is so siriously for me....
It makes me various feeling

Xiong M Jarka

Oct 15, 2011

Tears of the Dragon Album Medywn Goodall

Medwyn Goodall (born in 1961) is a composer and musician mostly associated with the New Age genre. He was born in Yorkshire, England. He lives with his wife Wendy in Cornwall, England. According to Allmusic, "Goodall began composing original songs as a teen, earning local notoriety with his band Trax; in the years to follow, he learned to play a vast range of instruments, including mandolin, piano, drums, harp, flute, glockenspiel, panpipes, vibraphone and synthesizer, and cut his first album at age 16".[1] He is a prolific recorder, having recorded over 75 albums. He also topped the UK music charts twice and sold over three million albums.[2] His first album was Emergence (1987), published by New World Music.[3] His early albums were published also by Oreade Music. Medwyn Goodall recently started MG Music,[4] a record label which specializes in New Age music. He produced albums on which he arranged, performed, mixed and mastered every song, although his album, Om (2006), was produced together with Terry Oldfield and Om2 (2010), was produced together with Aroshanti. There is an updated list of his albums at MG Music[4] and at All Music[3] web sites. Many of Goodall's recent releases have been under the alias Midori. He explains that he chose this alias so he "could record projects that were more ethnic, eastern, or produced for the healing arts" without confusing fans of his other music. [5] However, there are also other musical artists using or known by the name Midori (such as the jazz-punk combo Midori and the Japanese violinist Midori Goto). One of Goodall's tracks, "Free Spirit" from his album Meditations and Visualisations (2001) has sampled the "Summer Forest" music in the video game Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!, as composed by Stewart Copeland. by wikipedia

Oct 10, 2011

Michele McLaughlin

ソルトレイク在住だから もしかしてモルモン教徒かしら・・・・・

Michele McLaughlin is a Contemporary New Age Solo Pianist & Composer. Her solo piano music is haunting and contagious, relaxing and beautiful, peaceful and touching. Her music is enjoyed worldwide and can be heard on several online radio stations, including: Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, Pandora Radio, and Music Choice Soundscapes, as well as several local, national and international radio stations. Michele performs regularly and has released twelve albums, many of which have received multiple nominations and awards. She also hosts an in-home concert series called Cozy Corner Concerts which features renowned pianists from all over the US.

Oct 7, 2011



SEAY 実は幼少期に韓国や日本・・それとスペインに住んでられたのですって・・・・・

Evocative and extraordinary, rare and  unique are  but some of the descriptions that make up the remarkable artistry and voice of Seay.  (pronounced 'say’). Her voice can be heard on radio worldwide and her artwork on television and in notable private collections and institutions such as Dreamworks Universal Music, The Songwriters Guild, and the ABC Lifetime Channel.Raised in a Renaissance environment, her parents encouraged her artistic and musical pursuits. Her formative years were spent studying piano and voice while being exposed to her father's love of Classical music and her mother's love of R&B and Jazz. ”It was inevitable that I would do something in music with both opera, and jazz singers in my family." Seay has studied voice with renowned voice coaches Helena Shenel, Seth Riggs and Ray Hyson and has a graduate degree from the prestigious Sotheby's Art Institute, in London.    Though American born and raised, her early childhood years were spent in the army, which led her to the Orient (Korea and Japan), and later studies in Spain and the United Kingdom. It was while living in London that her voice and songwriting got noticed, and her music career began, singing on records and projects for Motown, Warner Chappell,Carlin and producers and recording artists like Annie Lennox, Mick Ronson, Julia Taylor Stanley, and Elaine Paige in London's music scene. Considered incredibly unique by Nashville's standards, her place of residence, her engineer says, "Imagine a great writer, throw in a unique and interesting sound with the chops of any great singer out there and you have a very special artist". Respected music journalist, RJ Lannan and The New Age Reporter named Seay and her debut release, “1 Voice” "One of the top ten releases of the year (2005)”. "We were blessed with the exalted voice of newcomer Seay. Her album “1 Voice” is a wondrous blend of organic and celtic elements that produces some truly delightful music."       “1 Voice”, Seay’s debut, under her own label Tuscan Sun, hit the NAR chart in 2005 and was followed by a Best New Age Song Nomination in 2006 for “Love Is The Ocean”. “1 Voice”, a captivating and world influenced project found a worldwide listening audience, reaching #7 on NAR chart, spending several months there, and finishing at #19 in the  Top 100 for the year.      Since then, the captivating sound of Seay continues to flourish. Selections of her music can be heard on the syndicated program “Soundscapes” from Music Choice, plus XM’s all new high definition surround  channel Fine Tuning Channel 76.  One of the highlights of her career has been being apart of XM's surround sound launch. Her music can be heard alongside Elvis Costello, Steely Dan, Sting, Enya, Norah Jones,  Ray Charles and many others. Seay has also moved into the world of Film. Her evocative voice and soundscapes are featured in the thriller “Gracie” scored with Scott W. Hallgren and directed by Jeff Wedding. “Gracie” has been seend in Film festivals throughout The US, Canada, and Europe.           Seay's most recent release, “A Winter Blessing Songs: For The Season”, continues the gorgeous and emotive fusion of music that is drawing listeners from across the globe.  A Holiday Top 10 and  NAR Life StyleMusic Awards Nominee for Best Seasonal Album, "A Winter Blessing" is a gorgeous listening experience featuring Seay's spectacular voice alongside several renowned instrumentalists: Pat Thomi, Jerry Watts Jr, Scott W. Hallgren, Geoff Stradling, John Billings & Jules Delgado.        Seay makes her home “Music City”, Nashville, Tennessee . She is currently composing her next release which will have some exciting guests and sure to be an unparalleled and unforgettable listening experience.

Oct 3, 2011

Armin van Buuren & Jan Vayne

この音源がとっても心地よくて、firefoxから 抽出したの(^.^)
オリジナルより オーケストラバージョンの方がいいなんて とっても 驚きだけど・・・・・・

Giorgio Costantini - Rain

Oct 1, 2011

Arvo Pärt - Spiegel Im Spiegel

maybe this music bring you into confortable time. feel like pure water.... feel........